ShadeBOX (Coming Fall 2017)

We are proud to announce that our ShadeBOX will be launching this Fall 2017! 


1.) What is a ShadeBOX?

It is our Monthly (or Seasonal) subscription service where we send you a box of sunglasses and accessories for a low subscription price.  This subscription can be monthly or by the season!

2.) When would the seasonal ShadeBOX ship?

Our Seasonal ShadeBOX would ship at the beginning of each months season change!  For instance, our Fall ShadeBOX would ship out at the beginning of September so that it would arrive in time for the Fall Season!

3.) How will you determine what items to send me?

Upon signing up for a subscription for our ShadeBOX we will have you complete several surveys to help determine your fashion interests.  We will then use the results of those surveys to hand pick items to include in your ShadeBOX!  

4.) Will it only be Sunglasses & Accessories?

At box launch this Fall we will only include sunglasses, iPhone Cases and accessories.  As we expand our product offering into other categories such as Apparel, we will expand our box offering to cover those additional categories!

5.) How much will the subscription cost?

We are crunching final numbers and will update this page (as well as our facebook page) with box pricing as we get closer to launch date!  However, all subscription prices will be affordably priced for our customers!



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